How much does it cost?

Contested Will cases can be funded in many different ways including on a contingency or No Win No Fee basis. Each of our expert legal partners will be able to suggest the best possible funding approach to suit your case and your circumstances and it is always best to discuss funding with them when you talk to them.

Some of our Solicitor partners can charge for an initial level of discovery and some of our Solicitors only work on a fee basis where they will discuss their fee rates with you. It depends on the legal provider and the circumstances of the case.

In general, if a case ends up going to Court, decisions the Courts make on costs are entirely down to their discretion. However, Probate costs can be viewed in a different way and it is not uncommon for both sides of a Probate dispute to have their costs paid from the Estate given the correct circumstances. No guarantees can ever be given about who will pay costs usually until the end of a case.

It is also worth considering Mediation. A Legal Adviser may suggest that you consider this less formal and possibly less expensive way of settling your dispute before matters go further. Mediation is becoming more and more popular as a way of avoiding the often costly and uncomfortable thought of pursuing your case in Court. It can be quicker than a Court decision and is less confrontational and will involve both parties sitting around the table, although Solicitor guidance will still be required. Ask your legal Adviser if they think this is an option for you.

Other additional insurance based funding solutions may also be offered by the legal expert who calls you but these will depend heavily on how a Solicitor weighs up the potential success of your case.

Do I need professional help and how much might it cost?

We aim to find you the best professional support for your circumstances and payment methods can vary widely depending on your situation. Our legal partners can help you understand the best route for you to take as every circumstance can be different. Contact us now to find out how we can help

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